Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Biggest Surprise video game of 2013

Most Surprising Game of 2013 Award
I only played one of the games nominated for this award and that was Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. That downloadable spin-off didn't win the award, but I desperately need to play the game that did. Path of Exile really took off in the wake of a botched Diablo III. Click through for Game of the Year awards and video game news, reviews, previews, and more.
Biggest Disappointment in Video Games for 2013
This year's award for most disappointing video game is without a doubt SimCity, who got strung up by an always-online requirement that was completely unnecessary. What was your biggest disappointment in 2013? Click through for the nominees and more Game of the Year awards.
Best Original Game 2013
I haven't played any of the nominees for this category, but I'm hoping Steam's holiday sale allows me to pick up a few of the choices for a song. Did you play Gone Home or The Stanley Parable? Did you play Path of Exile or Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons? How about The Swapper? Which is your pick for best original game of 2013? Click the link to find out GameRevolution's
Best Fighting video game of 2013
GameRevolution's staff narrowed the field down to just a few choices for best fighting game of 2013. Between Killer Instinct, Injustice, Aquapazza, Darkstalkers, and Divekick, you can probably guess which one. Click the link to find out if you were right!

New Video Games for the week of December 15th

New Video Games December 15th - December 21st, 2013
The year is slowing down but I'm still dying to get my hands on these final Sega 3D Classics. Shinobi III and Streets of Rage are out this week and I can't decide between the two. I promised myself I'd only buy two of these 3D-remakes but I'll probably download both of these in addition to 3D Sonic the Hedgehog from last week.

Best Action-Adventure video game 2013

Best Action-Adventure Game of 2013
There were a ton of action games this year and a ton of adventure games this year, but for the best Action-Adventure video game of 2013 we had to dig deep and pick between the likes of Tomb Raider, Saints Row IV, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Find out which one by clicking through to GameRevolution's best action-adventure of 2013 game of the year award.

Best Racing Game of 2013

Best Racing Video Game of 2013
It was hard to pick between the simulations and the arcade racers this year, but in the end my favorite racing franchise won out with some truly addictive open-world racing gameplay. Click the link to find out which game won and which were nominated for GameRevolution's best racing game of 2013.

GameRevolution's best Sports game of 2013

Best Sports Game 2013
As picked by GameRevolution.com. Click read about the best sports video game of 2013.

Best First-Person Shooter of 2013

Best Shooter Video Game 2013
GameRevolution's end of the year awards are rolling out. This one was published yesterday. We picked DICE's Battlefield 4, simply because it put on the best show and had the best overall gameplay for shooters this year.

The comments very quickly decried Bioshock Infinite as the best shooter this year, and while it would have been an interesting pick, the gameplay itself isn't on Battlefield 4's level. The story and characters and world are great, but Battlefield 4 has the hands-down best shooter gameplay of the year and with massive maps, 64-player multiplayer on PC and next-gen consoles, this one seemed like a no-brainer.

Click the link to read the full award, find out GameRev's nominees and respond yourself.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Can your computer run SteamOS?

SteamOS Hardware Requirements Reveal What Kind Of Computer Will Run SteamOS In Your Living Room
I am probably not going to be the first person who throws together a computer for SteamOS. I use an Apple computer for everything, but I'm still dying to see how Steam's entry into entertainment-center computing shakes up the PC gaming space. I think Valve has made some incredibly smart moves with Steam and their games, but I'd really like to see them get better at putting out the games we all want to play so badly like Half-Life 3.

Click the link for SteamOS hardware requirements.

This week's GameRevolution Podcast

GameRevolution Radio 95: Fallout 4 Fallout, VGX Reactions, Xbox One vs PS4 Call of Duty, Mailbag!
This week's episode of GameRevolution's podcast was fun and relaxed. I think we're all going into hibernation mode so it may sound a little chilly at first, but once we get into the swing of things with Fallout 4 and VGX reactions, I think the show is pretty good. Have a listen!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

GTA Online Deathmatch & Race Creator Live

Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V Adds Deathmatch And Race Creation Suites To GTA Online, Now Available For Download

I played a little more Grand Theft Auto V this past weekend but I might have to jump back in today to mess around with the new content creation suite that Rockstar has added. GTA Online already has a ton of varied missions and multiplayer maps, but I think things are going to get even crazier now that the player base can create their own shootouts and drag races around San Andreas. Click the link to learn more about the Creator package available for download in Grand Theft Auto V today.

US and British Spy Agencies Call-out Edutainment Bundle of Games

US And British Intelligence Agencies Concerned About Middle East Edutainment Software

Here's more coverage from the "target-development" document leaked by Edward Snowden. One bundle of games gets singled out in the document as promoting religious ideology, but when I looked into the "Islamic Fun" pack from a UK development studio, all I found were some shitty multiple choice games meant to educate kids about Islam. How these are considered a threat to our national security on any level is absurd. Click the link to learn more about terrorist education game software.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Islamic Games Watched By NSA

These 7 Games Answer The Islamic Call of Duty And Land You On A Terrorist Watch List

I've read through the NSA document from Edward Snowden and I found a few games made by Middle Eastern game development studios for Islamic gamers on the other side of the world. I can't speak to national security, but I hope peace will reign. Click the link for descriptions of each game named in the NSA's document on gaming and online communities.

Peggle 2 Review

Peggle 2 Review

Here's my Peggle 2 Review on GameRev. It's a wild ride on Xbox One, but click the link to read the review and see the score. Peggle 2 is developed by PopCap Games and published by Electronic Arts and at least at launch there is no iOS, iPhone, iPad version of the game. Peggle 2 is only available on Xbox One, but I'd expect an iOS and Android version soon at least. Remember to click the link for my review!

New Video Games December 8th - December 14th, 2013

Video game news at GameRevolution.com
New Video Games December 8th - December 14th, 2013

Of all the platforms they could release Peggle 2 on, it had to be Xbox One first. Look for our review tomorrow morning and keep an eye for GameRevolution's Game of the Year awards!

5 Games You've Been Playing With The NSA And GCHQ Spy Agencies

Video game humor on GameRevolution.com
5 Games You've Been Playing With The NSA And GCHQ Spy Agencies

Edward Snowden's NSA documents specifically call out Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcraft as a tool for extremist cells to gather, communicate, organize, and level their Pandaren Mages. The report mentions that the difference between parties and guilds has an impact on terrorist-threat-levels in that Guilds are more permanent, that they have a organizational structure complete with rank and responsibilities. So which female Goblin Rogue is the NSA plant in your Guild? You haven't put him in charge of buffing the group, have you?

Terrorism Fact: Leeroy Jenkins was actually a deep cover agent testing disruptive capabilities in embedded terrorist cells.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Edward Snowden Confirms US And British Spying Agencies Follow You In-Game

Video game news on GameRevolution.com
Edward Snowden Confirms US And British Spying Agencies Follow You In-Game

For all the battling you do against the forces of darkness in your favorite online games, the United States and British intelligence agencies ballooning with fattened budgets in a post 9/11 fear state have decided that you and all the gamers you interact with in massive virtual worlds pose a threat to the safety of citizens everywhere.