Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Best First-Person Shooter of 2013

Best Shooter Video Game 2013
GameRevolution's end of the year awards are rolling out. This one was published yesterday. We picked DICE's Battlefield 4, simply because it put on the best show and had the best overall gameplay for shooters this year.

The comments very quickly decried Bioshock Infinite as the best shooter this year, and while it would have been an interesting pick, the gameplay itself isn't on Battlefield 4's level. The story and characters and world are great, but Battlefield 4 has the hands-down best shooter gameplay of the year and with massive maps, 64-player multiplayer on PC and next-gen consoles, this one seemed like a no-brainer.

Click the link to read the full award, find out GameRev's nominees and respond yourself.

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