Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Keeping up with promises...

This is first of my e-mails to preeminent members of the enthusiast press. This first message is to Mr. Michael McWhertor of Kotaku

Mr. McWhertor does great work at Kotaku, consistently bringing great writing and reporting to the table. He also makes cool shirts.

The text of the message is as follows...

Hello Mr. McWhertor,
I'm currently a college student in San Jose, CA and I'm hoping to become a member of the enthusiast press, much like yourself. I read Kotaku on a daily basis, as well as other blogs and publications, but I still feel a little lost. I've read about how Mr. Crecente was a writer at his newspaper, but how did you find yourself in the position you have now? I'd love to hear more about exactly what road you followed to becoming a staffed member of Kotaku.
What made you want to get into games press specifically, as opposed to something more on the creative side of the industry?

Did you go to college? If so, where and what did you graduate with?

What was your first paying games-journo gig?

Do you have any sage experience to pass on to someone who's just starting out?

Obviously I'm still very green in the writing department, mostly because this is my first time reaching out to a professional for advice. If you're wondering why I could possibly be asking you as opposed to Mr. Crecente, it is primarily due to Luke Smith's glowing comment on the final 1Up Yours podcast:
"Michael McWhertor is a damn fine gentleman."
Hopefully this proves true and I'll hear back from you, but if I don't I understand, you're a busy guy. I hope the Meatbun business is going well, and thanks in advance for you time!

-Daniel Bischoff

P.S. If you could also find the time to hop on over to my blog (http://wellspringgames.blogspot.com) I would love to hear anyfeedback on anything I've written there. Like I said, I'm pretty green at this so there isn't much. Hopefully there will be more soon. Thanks in advance again!

Oh no! I have typos in my message! Frankly, my thought right now is that I hope I kissed enough ass that those will be overlooked. Do you think Mr. McWhertor will reply to my message? Could he even possibly make a comment on this post?

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