Saturday, March 28, 2009

That's the Name of the Game - 2

I've posted my second column over at This week I wrote about OnLive and what it would mean to gaming:

Why is this important? Why should I care? The biggest value proposition that OnLive presents to gamers is that upgrading your computer is no longer necessary. As is, presumably, buying a new console every 5 years. Now all you need to do is maintain your broadband connection, as well as your subscription to the OnLive service. How is this revolutionary? Console manufacturers generally lose money on their newest consoles. Their bottom line is always helped out by the sale of games with those new consoles. Now, with internet speeds reaching higher and higher, the hardware market can be cut out and games can be streamed into the player’s household, a lot like Youtube, or Netflix’s streaming services.

I'll be writing more on my visit to GDC 09 later this week.

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