Saturday, March 21, 2009

That's the Name of the Game

This blog represents are large push on my behalf to really start working on my career path. I'm still headed into gaming journalism, but I'm trying to get a foot in the door with some work while still practicing my writing and working at school.

In an effort to get my name further out there and to have more people reading my writing, I've started a weekly column called "That's the Name of the Game" at The weekly column will drop on the site every Friday. Is there a good time to list it at? I was thinking 3:00 p.m. so that anyone looking on the site in the afternoon and evening will see it on the main page.

I certainly hope that any readers here will check it out, and starting next week I'll be linking back to this blog within the body of my column.

This weeks column centers on the Nintendo Wii and how it has affected the greater gaming demographic. I also write a bit on how the industry is trying desperately to get all those new gamers to buy their products:

Where does that leave the general public? It opens the door for all the countless ways the publishers and developers will try to sell games. It also allows the video game industry to redefine "gamer," and you can bet they’re going to cast a wide net.

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