Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Someone's got a job at GR

I've been interning at Game Revolution since November of last year.  I've frequently referenced my work over there and linked to my reviews and daily manifesto posts.  It's been a lot of fun and I really enjoy the work, but it remained a labor of love.

Sure, I got games for free and, if I chose to, was able to sell them off for some funding, but I wasn't exactly paid for my writing.  As a result, PLAY READ WRITE saw a fair amount of my original content.  I was never really sure what I should post on the site.  What was worthy?  What wasn't?

My editor Duke e-mailed me the other day and now my work at Game Revolution has turned into a paying gig!  I won't say what I'm getting paid (it isn't much), but it's still nice to hear my writing is worth paying for from someone who would know.

I'll be posting 2 or 3 items a daily to the Daily Manifesto blog on GR's homepage.  You can read my writing there directly, or you can keep it tuned to PLAY READ WRITE.  I'm going to start posting links directly to the Manifesto posts I write, right here on my blog.  Feel free to click on through, or just comment right here on PRW.

Don't worry, original content will still be posted to PLAY READ WRITE, as well as reviews I'm not doing on assignment, or items of interest and thought that make more sense here.

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