Thursday, November 5, 2009

DICE gets $60 from a fan of Dedicated Servers

I think we can be sure that PC gamers are an opinionated bunch who have been playing their games in a very specific way for a very long time.

That being said, we can still take this note from a fan of dedicated servers as a very direct message about his feelings on what we can only assume is IWNET.

The note basically surmises the reasoning behind a $60 check made out to DICE (PROTIP: IWNET is a matchmaking solution for PC gamers playing Modern Warfare 2. Instead of the older dedicate-server solution to multiplayer, PC gamers will be buying a service similar to Xbox Live with the extra $10 they're being charged).

While there are a lot of different angles to this issue (on the corporate and the consumer sides), I have to land squarely on the side of PC gamers. I know the benefit of mods, the benefit of a regular community on servers, and the more technical benefits (in the area around lag and latency) of playing on a dedicated server. As a serious Counter Strike Source player, I don't know if I could ever play the game on a matchmaking service. Sure, over Xbox Live, people play with hosts and connection lag all the time, but there are plenty of distractions on that service anyways, I don't the competitive players on Xbox match up with the competitive players on PC.

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