Thursday, December 18, 2008

Playing CoD 4 again a year later

Playing Call of Duty 4 (or Call of Booty as my hot girlfriend calls it) again a year later in order to get the Veteran achievements and I'm constantly reminded of things that were just maddeningly difficult the first time around.

I'm making my way up a hill checking houses as I go, I'm being chased and tackled by dogs again, I'm adjusting my shot to hit a target, and I'm setting charges and defending my position on a ferris wheel all over again, and over again and over again.

Playing GTA IV and having to repeat missions wasn't so bad because there was usually new dialogue to listen to, until finally the characters just shut up.  I didn't need to hear the orders again and again, I just needed overcome the challenge in front of me.  The problem with CoD 4 is that there are no changing dialogue tracks.  There's only one, and usually I'm trying again immediately after the check point.  So as soon as the commander finishes giving me my objectives, he's shouting them at me again because I've run right into an enemy.

Hopefully the rest of my play through won't include the trouble I had in the missile silos further toward the end of the game.

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