Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What I played yesterday

I managed to squeeze about an hour of gaming out of my busy schedule

I had been thinking about Call of Duty 4 all weekend for one reason or
another and popped that in yesterday. Without access to XBOX Live, I
played the campaign. It successfully drew me in again. I had
forgotten how much I liked the different gameplay elements, like the
AC-130 scenario.

One thing that never left my mind was the stellar sequence after the
detonation of the nuclear bomb. Every time I see it my jaw hangs
open. The images are just so well crafted.

I think I might even return to the game again tonight. What would be
ideal is if I could make it through veteran difficulty, but the last
stage in the missile sylos is maddening (the amount of times I played
that sequence over and over again also sticks out in my mind).

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