Friday, December 4, 2009

MW2 Javelin Glitch earns a ban

I've run into several opponents exploiting the "Javelin Glitch" in MW2. At first I was confused and frustrated by the large explosion that would consume myself and my team mates. Now I'm merely perplexed by it.

As XBL maestros begin to issue bans for players exploiting the glitch, I think I'll simply step over the offenders and try to have a good time anyways. I don't know why gamers find the need to ruin a good time, but it isn't the first time a glitch has plagued a popular game for a while. One good thing we can attribute to the always-online console is the ability for developers to update titles that encounter problems like this.

Had Infinity Ward held a public multiplayer-beta, would this glitch have been present in the final retail copy?

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