Thursday, December 24, 2009

Mystery N64 Game stumps Ebayers

This is probably very late news for everyone involved (the auction is probably over and the cart in questions has probably been shipped), but I thought it was an interesting enough news item so I'm going to write about it anyways.

[CORRECTION: Actually, there's still a day left in the auction. At the time of this writing it's reached $132.00 with a 25% donation of the profits to Child's Play (isn't that nice!).]

The labeless Nintendo 64 cartridge certainly seems like a good ploy to dress up an older game and sell it for a decent sum. I couldn't imagine the crushng disappointment received from sliding the cart in and booting it up only to find John Madden staring back at you. Luckily, the seller has promised that the game is, in fact, "good." Many are speculating that the game is a copy of Super Smash Bros. which, of course is one of the best Nintendo 64 cartridges someone could mysteriously buy. The seller has also tossed in another two mystery carts, but I think at least one of those will be a joke copy of NBA Live 98, or possibly the Nintendo published Kobe Bryant's Courtside. Either way, when the auction goes through, will the internet know the identity of these carts? Or will the story fall by the way side?

I guess it says something about me during the holidays when my first assumption is that the cartridge would turn out to be a lame duck. A friend of mine placed a bid knowing that he wasn't going to win, but I don't think I could ever enter my cash in the ring without knowing what it was going towards. Either way, driving up the price would be a worthwile endeavor, especially with charity being involved at this point. Good for you Zach! I'd encourage you to bid again and further drive up final bell's price, but at this point there probably isn't as many people willing to outbid you.

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