Friday, August 7, 2009

Are these arcades?

Yesterday Jenna and I went around to the local spots where lots of arcade machines are set up to play. These aren't necessarily arcades. One of them is a pizza restaurant. It was closed.

The other is Hobby World in Gilroy. They have lots of RC car parts, model kits, and comics and cards, but they also have this wall of arcade cabinets of varied interests.

Up front is a Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 cabinet I've easily dropped several dollars in. Hobby World is right next to the movie theater, and while there might not be any arcade machines there, it was always easy to leave my house a little early and stop by Hobby World. There are also plenty of light gun games, like Carnevil (which Jenna played) and Time Crisis 2 (which I played).

When I was really little, probably under the age of 5 even, I remember there being a fully fledged arcade in Gilroy. Unfortunately I never went. Instead, my childhood memories are from Dutchman's Pizza (the aforementioned pizza joint). My brother and I would rejoice at every other Friday night as Mom or Dad came home with a roll of quarters from the bank. Dutchman's was the kind of place that always had large groups around giant tables eating pizza, watching football and playing the cabinets they had littered around the room.

Since those old days, they've leased the next door office space and the entire room is now filled with cabinets ranging from my beloved Simpson's Arcade Game, to the Terminator shooting game I was terrified of in my youth.

I wonder when I'll be back there slamming the joysticks around in Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Capcom again.

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