Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Hardware

I mentioned in FURTHER READING yesterday that I had added a new piece of hardware to my workspace. As much as I'd like to brag that it's a new Playstation 3 or Dreamcast or Wii, it is a brand new Gamecube.

I know, this one is a little from left field, but I've had all of these Gamecube games sitting on my shelf with nothing to play them on since selling my Wii. Now I can go back and play through games like Eternal Darkness or Resident Evil 4.

My problem is that it doesn't exactly fit very neatly in among everything else on my desk. In fact it's pretty crowded. How can I remedy this?

Maybe if I built a platform to lift my TV on I could put the Xbox 360 and the Gamecube underneath it. Whatever I come up with I think I'm going to have to use some serious carpentry skills to transform the workspace to fit all of my gaming goodies in.

Hopefully that slim line PS3 will find its way under my homemade entertainment console soon too huh?

I found this Gamecube at Gamestop. The clerk told me that they had both new and used Gamecubes, but that since the stock was so old, even the new in box units were pushed under the Used-moniker. $30 later I had my new Gamecube wrapped under my arm.

One thing I've noticed so far is that it looks terrible on my new LCD TV. I remember playing around with this little box on the standard definition TV we have in my family's gameroom, and Spider-man looked a lot better than this. Is there anything I can do to change the fidelity on my television? It makes me seriously regret that I don't still have my original launch-Gamecube with the component cable output.

I'm already looking around half.com for some games that I missed the first time around, but does anyone out there have any recommendations for good Gamecube games?

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