Thursday, August 27, 2009

PS3 Slim Ad Campaign Comes Tongue In Cheek to the States

How the Geico guy picked up this gig is beyond me, but I'm happy to see Sony taking a little bit of the cynicism they've been getting from American gamers and press and turning it into some humor.

In fact, I'm very pleased with Sony for managing to take their past mistakes in stride. This commercial really shows what Sony has always been capable of, but missed the mark on, in that they're finally move on from the debacle that has brought the decry of so many in the gaming industry.

It also puts a very positive spin on Sony in my eyes in that I find myself coming closer and closer to really taking the plunge and picking up a PS3 (when I find myself able to do so). More and more games have begun to look better and better, and with a Slim model and a lower price, the PS3 doesn't seem like the aristocrat's gaming system, and more like something that can stand along with the other platforms already in place in so many homes.

We'll see how the holiday season treats the PS3 over the coming months.

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