Tuesday, August 18, 2009

PS3 Slim announcement

My first day back home and this drops.  At $300 the PS3 Slim might actually move quite a few units, what do you think of the newly announced redesign?

Personally, it looks a lot better, and less like a grill of some kind.  Really the smaller design means it'll fit in with more videophiles entertainment centers, but will anything stack on top of it?

The announcement of the new design also means that the older models are getting a price drop between now and the release of the Slim line in 

I suppose what I'm really thinking about is how much the hardware division of the games industry has changed.  For the longest time, companies wouldn't waste the R&D on a console redesign, instead killing off the Virtual Boy, or eating the bottom line on the original Xbox.  Now, with the advent of the Nintendo DS and it's third installment in the DSi, can we only expect that the PS3 Slim might soon evolve into the PS3 SUPER SLIM.

No, probably not, but what about the Xbox and it's soon to be Natal-ized edition?  Who knows how long this fad will be around to say, but the Slim design certainly gives non-PS3 owners like me a second shot and picking up a unit.  And really I can't lie, Uncharted 2 looks awesome, how am I going to play it without a PS3?

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