Wednesday, February 24, 2010

DSi XL Lands stateside March 28th

Nintendo announced today that the DSi XL, the oversized DS iteration that will supersize games and allow for multiplayer around the portable, will land in the United States on March 28th. Everytime a new DS is announced and launched, I wonder how this is possibly happening and how long it'll continue for.

When the Gameboy Advance launched, I couldn't help but be as excited as any other 8th grader. June 11th came fast in 2001, and was an easy date to forget that year, but it was important to me and my friends. I had preordered a unit online, but when the actual launch date came around, units were still on shelfs in Walmart. After much pleading, my mom picked up an arctic Advance unit in time for my friend Robert's "Advance Party." We had all picked up new Gameboys and different launch titles. I brought Chu Chu Rocket Advance to the party and we all had a lot of fun despite the fact that our old multiplayer cables didn't work with the Advance games.

Now, as a new DS unit is launched every other year, I can't seem to muster up the interest for any single one. The last actual excitement for a Nintendo handheld launch was around the time of the original DS, and even that was tempered by the fact that no one was sure how two screens would work and that Super Mario 64 DS received poor reviews.

While the announcement of the XL's bookreader capabilities certainly makes it the most appealing e-reading device I've seen (because it can also play games), I still can't see the XL moving a lot of units around launch.

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