Sunday, February 28, 2010

Greed Corp Initial Impressions

I'm still struggling to get the game under my thumb(s) but after playing about 4 hours yesterday and 4 hours today, I think I can write up some quick impressions for a game I would never (ever) play if it weren't for a review. That's not to say that Greed Corp isn't a fun title that has a great turn on Settlers of Catan style gaming. Speaking of which...

//The Settlers of Catan influence is moderate at best. I'm sure developer W! Games has the board game and its expansions in the office, and I'm sure they were seeing hexagons in their sleep while developing Greed Corp, but they've taken the essential board design and made a ompletely different game out of it.

//These computer players are about the most difficult assholes I've ever met, and that's including Advance Wars, and I hate the computer player in those games too. After the tutorial, which doesn't give the player any control, I had to try 4 times to beat the very first campaign level that pits me against one other opponent whose AI is set to the lowest level. You can imagine where it went as the game got harder and I progressed through the ascending levels.

//In truth, Greed Corp has you operate constantly on the side of a cliff literally, and forcing the player to learn through failure is as close to trial by fire as you're going get in video games these days. It's not as if you can't just try again, but hopefully you'll learn from how you lose, and not just throw your controller in frustration like me.

//Soundtrack, meet my friend, custom playlist. While at first I thought the 1920s-influenced soundtrack was a neat touch, it quickly got annoying and unnecessary. The sound effects also got tiring after a short time with the game. As a turn-based title, the game takes a while as your opponents moves play out. The computer also takes its sweet time while it's kicking your ass so having a custom soundtrack of your own tunes will definitely help the process overall.

I'll be sure to post here when my full review goes live at GR.

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