Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Modern Warfare 2 "Daily Glitch Report"

While I don't actually plan on doing a daily glitch report for anyone playing Modern Warfare 2, but it almost seems appropriate at this point. Everyday some new exploit, glitch, or maligned game mode pops up. Of course, no amount of pre-release play time would uncover the multitude of exploits the gaming community could dig up.

Now that the Javelin glitch has been fixed, a new method of cheating every game of MW2 you wander into has found its way to every match I seem to join. This new glitch involves unlimited care packages, or emergency air drops, whichever you manage to get ahold of. I haven't bothered to look up exactly how to use the glitch to your team's delight, but I've seen it performed more times than can be accounted for.

one match, a team mate wracked up enough kills to obtain an emergency airdrop, and immediately laid down in spawn, tossing the red smoke-spewing canisters that signal the drop point for as many crates as can be dropped within the match time-limit. At first, some of the team mates rejoiced and picked up as many crates they could get, but hardly any of them actually managed to play to the objectives the game specified. This made for a lowly match.

Personally, the entire process was extremely distracting and disturbing from the actual gameplay it requires to win a match under any circumstances. The airstrikes were endless, the choppers buzzing overshadowed every gun shot, and the mindless team mates waited around like sitting ducks for crates that merely replenished their ammo. What the fuck is wrong with people?

Honestly, these kinds of exploits ruin the game on so many levels. I'll return to Modern Warfare 2 after I hear these glitches have been fixed... thought I wonder how much time I'll actually be able to play before something else makes me want to run away in fear and loathing.

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