Saturday, February 27, 2010

Have you heard of Just Cause 2?

Honestly, I haven't been paying attention to sequel for 2006's bad punchline. "Anatomy of a Stunt" videos and developer diaries have been semi-lackluster and altogether hard to follow. While zipping from vehicle to ground to parachute to helicopter, shooting bad guys all the time, seemed a little on the "bat shit insane" side of things, so I turned down the Just Cause 2 marketing volume quite a bit in my head.

Of course, the announcement of a massive demo with a ton of content to explore has the power to turn the volume back on up, and it has. I love trying things before I buy, especially with video games.

Our hobby is an expensive one, $60 dollars and up, more often than not, and even portable games have crossed the $39.99 retail marks at times. Just Cause 2 was looking to be one of those titles I wasn't prepared to take the plunge on, unless it was a free review copy.

Now with a large demo well ahead of the game's launch, Rico and Just Cause 2 might just sink it's grappling hook into me and warrant a purchase. At 35 square miles of game land and a ton of enemies to hook to things before running them into the sides of mountains, the demo will make quite the splash, or explosion, when it arrives on March 4th.

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