Thursday, February 4, 2010

MMOs and I don't match

I've been posting a lot of stuff at for Star Trek Online. The Trek-themed MMO is one of the more hotly anticipated massively-multiplayer-online games. I've been curiously frequently, but never really interested or attracted to any specific MMO.

Obviously, there was a time when I wanted to play APB, All Points Bulletin, an MMO from the developers of Grand Theft Auto. Of course, after I had "been there done that," I lost all interest. It probably didn't help that I was playing the game in one of its earliest beta. That kind of state doesn't really promote a game in the best way, but the feeling I got still stood.

MMOs really rely on your ability to go out of your way and participate in a community, and the APB community was a fledgling pursuit some of the beta members were taking upon themselves. It was hard enough to play the game, why would I want to commit playing time to lurking the f0rums?

I guess I consider MMOs to be love-em-or-hate-em games, and I don't necessarily have hate for the genre, but I just won't ever see myself playing them.

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