Sunday, February 28, 2010

This is how they promote Bioshock 2 in Japan?

Couldn't help but repost the insane Japanese marketing piece for Bioshock 2 that involves some wood, a chainsaw, and a Jason-style hockey mask.

As incredibly weird and awkward as this looks, I think the engineering of it, including the way the pieces need pegs to stay together is kind of interesting. Is wood carving on this scale a big thing these days?

Regardless, why Bioshock 2? Why wood carving? WHY JAPAN WHY?!

Post Script (Sunday 10:30PM): As a second thought, Jenna brought up the fact that this sculpture is also a huge waste of trees. What happens to all the shavings and pieces of lumber that aren't used? Beyond that, how long will this "sculpture" stick around before getting tossed in the chipper?

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