Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The King of Kong: An E3 Encore

I just finished watching The King of Kong on my Netflix streaming service. When I read reviews nearer to the original release I got the feeling that it was going to be a story about an underdog who succeeds in the end. Unfortunately, that's not the case. I was a little disheartened watching Wiebe try his best, keep a good face on through the entire ordeal, and not come away with the Guiness entry.

Luckily, Wiebe beat Billy Mitchell's top score at home, in the environment he originally set out in. It kind of has me excited to see the man in action at E3 on June 2nd. Apparently the attempt will be captured by G4 as well.

How am I going to find the time to stop by and check it out with all of the other crazy stuff happening this year? The days draw to an end, seemingly slower and slower. The weekend will last an eternity.

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