Thursday, May 28, 2009

The PS3 Slim is real?

Rumors have surfaced today about the validity of the PS3 slim model we've already seen pictures of. Apparently Ars Technica has a mole (most likely in the retail sector looking at the other leaks attributed to him/her) that has confirmed the existence of the PSP-Go! and the slim line PS3, but notes that we won't be seeing the PS3 slim at E3. It makes sense based on the fact that there are still plenty of PS3 units in stock at retail right now and announcing a new model would freeze the sales of those units.
Looking at the pictures, I can't say that I like the design. They've gone from George Foreman Grill to a flat pancake gridle. Either way, a redesign won't necessarily get me to buy one, but a price cut might, or even finding an older model for cheap on craigslist or the like....

We'll see how it all goes, I know that with these leaks they've already frozen some sales, but the average consumer who doesn't frequent the gaming blogs online will probably still be picking up PS3s this summer along with some new greatest hits titles.

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