Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A New Title

I changed the title of this blog today in order to better reflect the professionalism I hope to convey as I continue to pursue a career in the video game journalism world. The new title is "PLAY READ WRITE."

I had originally used this moniker in my short description of this blog. You can see it in its original form beneath the title. Wellspring of Games was a fun title, and my play on it was reflected on my first post. However, going forward, I felt like the url was a little unwieldy and that "Wellspring of Games" took a little too much time to process.

I think PLAY READ WRITE actually portrays a more accurate description of what I do right now in video game journalism. I play games, I read a lot of the reporting done by the bigger sites, and I write my own slant on the stories or games that I find most interesting.

I hope you'll (how many readers do I have now?) help me welcome PLAY READ WRITE as I begin writing more and more and contributing hopeful to sites with larger and larger readerships.

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