Friday, May 1, 2009

That's the Name of the Game - 7

It has been a busy week. Two papers were due and more are due next week, finals don't seem so far away anymore, and the semester is drawing to a close.

But I'm back at the helm of "That's the Name of the Game" after Jenna's excellent guest-spot. This week, I'm writing a little bit about Left 4 Dead:

Last year saw quite the influx of zombie-related media, and video games were no different. EA released Dead Space, and the Playstation Network which plays host to many downloadable games was the platform for “The Last Guy.” While both titles had great spins on the undead-horror theme, neither made as big a splash as Valve’s Left 4 Dead.

Maybe playing both sides gives you a sense of where the other players are as you attack. As a survivor, you know that the infected players will try to attack at certain points and in certain formations. As an infected, you know you’re inducing a panic that will only further the damage you do to the survivors.

Its this sense of duality to the game that breathes new life into the zombie-horror genre, not to mention the cooperative efforts you make when playing with others.

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