Thursday, September 3, 2009

Goodbye TF2 Spoils

Over the past couple of days, Valve has started removing the items people have gotten from using a third party idling program. I was one of those people in my quest to achieve a hat for one of the game's 9 classes.

While I never got a hat, I got plenty of items I didn't have, although I had plenty before hand as well. Now, after logging on today, I received a message stating that I had lost the items I had gained through the use of the idling program.

Unfortunately, a lot more than that was taken away, as I no longer have a Backburner, Kritzkreig, or Sandvich, among others. I guess I'm a little disappointed by all of this, but I should have seen this coming. It means I'll be reduced to random drops for any items that I had already earned achievements for. Should I reset my stats and let the game take me back to the beginning when I originally installed it?

Frankly, TF2 has been completely under my radar as of late and I am hoping to sincerely and swiftly rectify that by playing a lot of it over the coming weeks. If only I could get on right now, but I've left my (Jenna's) mouse at home. I know my good buddy, Daren, has played Counter-Strike: Source with his track pad, but I'm afraid that's a feat I'm just not going to be able to match any time soon.

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