Sunday, September 20, 2009

An Update of Sorts

There comes a time, maybe every 10 years or so, that I feel like thrusting myself upon one of these hidden mines. As a gamer, I can't help but feel drained and bored with what I have available to me. This time most often comes in periods where I have no money or motivation to pick up and play new games. Instead, I run my head into the wall over and over again with old ones, until I realize I'm done with them and it's turning out to be work.

I guess I realized I was in one of these periods when the first thing I did today was check the regular news sites and find absolutely nothing of interest to read. I honestly do not care about the Halo 3 ODST review that's out now, mostly because it's got to be at least a solid game, and no one cares about the review anyways, it's Halo, it's going to sell.

That's when my minesweeper's happy face turns into a sad one. When, oh, when will I be afforded a new game? And what game will it be?

This holiday season certainly doesn't have as packed a line up as last year, but there are certainly titles to be excited about, but I won't get into that right now. I guess I'm just feeling a little burned out. When my only motivation to turn on the Xbox 360 is to continue to try and earn more achievement points than my friend, Zach, on GTA IV, I can't help but wonder why I'm still playing. It's like all of those people who work on the FAQs and guides must only afford themselves one game a year, because they'd have to play it for a year to find everything. Doesn't it turn out to be work after so long?

Gaming's community is probably the only thing that keeps me coming back, that, and a love for the game of course, but I need something new to absorb.

Even League of Legends, a game that's so new, it's not even out of beta yet, couldn't really wet my apetite because it's actually just DotA packaged and sold. Granted, I haven't played a lot of DotA, but I can't help but question why I'm playing, or why I should bother getting excited.

I'll soldier on though, as I'm sure there will be plenty of games to play in the coming months. Please forgive any lag in posting, and I'm sure you've all noticed how there's been nothing to FURTHER READING, but I vow to renew my effort in those regards and continue posting.

As I did earlier this year, I think making some goals would help immensely in motivating me to write more and hone my craft to as fine a point as possible:
  • I'm still shooting for 300 posts by the end of the year. As I renew my pledge to post FURTHER READING every day, that goal should inch closer and closer, but I should also fill that tally with plenty of original content.
  • I'm going to write at least a post a week for and if I take care of them, hopefully they'll take care of me with some review copies.
  • I will get more achievement points out of GTA IV than Zach, but it won't take the DLC to do it!
  • I'd also like to get at least one other voice on my blog, whether it's my little brother in some capacity, Jenna, or Zach for that matter.
I hope any of my dear readers that are still around will do me a favor and drop a line in the comments in the near future to keep me motivated on my race to the end of the year.

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