Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Ways and Means of Petitioning

My first full article is up over at You can read all my thoughts on online video game petitions right now!

"Avid gamers know that one of the more interesting things video games has going for it is it's passionate community. Gamers are both loyal and critical, vocal and reserved, optimistic and cynical; as hobbyists we can bring entire companies down with our collective buying power, yet at the same time celebrate and promote companies to Fortune 500 status....

It's unknown when the first online video game petition was started or what cause it was in support of, but we know that it probably failed, as most online video game petitions do. It was also probably written by a very angry 13 year old, as most things on the internet are written. In the case of the BOYCOTT EA petition, it has (at the time of this writing) 952 signatures and has yet to earn a response from the companies in question."

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