Sunday, October 18, 2009

Checking in on Super Mario 64

Jenna and I have played for about 10 hours collectively over the past two days. We've been on a steady pace, handing the controller back and forth. The nice thing about sharing the game between the two of us is that neither of us has to play anything we don't want to. Is it too challenging? Can't figure it out? Don't want to play? Do you like a particular star?

We've been cruising through at a brisk pace and while we cleared all of the stars in Bomb-omb Battlefield and Whomp's Fortress, we only cleared a handful of stars in Cool Cool Mountain and Jolly Roger Bay.

I defeated the first Bowser stage today and Jenna and I made our way to the basement where we earned a few more stars, including catching the bunny (which I had never managed to do when I was younger).

Playing through again has shown me how little the camera controls needed to properly operate in order for them to be called "revolutionary." Sure, at the time, it probably made things a lot easier, but I was really only getting more and more frustrated. My controller stick was giving me difficulties as well. Besides that, Jenna said I was acting like a hot shot and that's why I kept falling off of levels.

We're probably going to keep playing over the next couple of days and then again next weekend. More updates to follow!

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