Thursday, October 1, 2009

Listening to Podcasts

I used to listen to podcasts all the time during my commute on the bus from home to school. Nowadays, I'm already at school! No need to commute, but that also means that I don't necessarily find the time to listen to any of the numerous gaming podcasts that I had listened to on a regular basis.

I also worked a job where I could listen to podcasts the entire shift, but I'm very much happy to be rid of that career.

Today, I'm listening to Kotaku Talk Radio, which I've never listened to, despite frequenting the popular gaming blog.

One thing I'm remembering as I listen to the voice conversing in my head is that sometimes there's a level of exclusivity depending on the podcast. 1up's Listen UP podcast does a good job of making sure that the topics are introduced one by one, and Robert Ashley's A Life Well Wasted does a remarkable job of keeping things very produced and edited in a tight package. Sometimes though, a podcast will turn into a revolving door of in jokes and topics that never really allow the listener to understand what it is the hosts are talking about.

Luckily, Kotaku does a good job of covering things in the podcast that they've already written about or that anyone keeping up on the regular feed of games press will be able to pick up exactly what they're talking about.

When will I finally get out there on a podcast?

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