Monday, March 1, 2010

Current Workspace

Long time readers of PLAY READ WRITE will remember my old workspace back when I was living at home. That was about 9 months ago now, and within that period of time, I've successfully moved out of my parents house and am now successfully cohabitating with my girlfriend Jenna! Achievement unlocked indeed!

I credit this successful living together situation with the fact that Jenna has been so patient with me and the amount of video game related crap I've brought into this small apartment of ours. I try to keep it neat and tidy, but we gamers cannot deny our true nature as lazy messy beings who like to spread wires and boxes everywhere. Like I said, Jenna has been very patient.

While my previous workspace had me sitting at a desk to operate my computer or play games or what have you, this current set up has more entertainment centric properties. Of course, it also takes up a lot more room too.

My TV is set atop Jenna's coffee table and classic suitcase. Her external hard drive also seats my Gundam Zaku MG model. Obviously my computer sits in front of that and my Xbox 360 is to the right. All of my games are to right of the 360 with Nintendo 64 games in the ziplock and Xbox 360, Nintendo Gamecube and DS games in the Mirror's Edge preorder bonus messenger bag. Sometimes I think it's pretty impossible to squeeze as many games as I do in that bag, but every time I clean everything up it fits as many games as I need.

The Nintendo 64 is underneath the coffee table on top of Jenna's printer and the Gamecube is to the left of that. While my set up is still tightly bound together in a tangle of wires, I'd like to add to it or expand it at some point and have shelves for games on display, and possibly a tower computer or an iMac, and a PS3 or a Wii.

Lately it's gotten a little dusty underneath the coffee table and I'm wondering how I can keep the older consoles from sitting under that layer of air-dirt and possible malfunctioning as a result of that. Does anyone have any ideas? How do you keep your gaming collection in pristine order?

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