Wednesday, January 27, 2010

At a CVS Pharmacy...

While visiting Jenna's parents in Ventura, we ran a couple of errands, including a stop at a CVS Pharmacy. Here in northern California, we don't have CVS but it's about the same as any old drug store you might walk in to.

Of course, we looked around a bit while waiting for a prescription. Doing so set us stumbling across these
Wii knock-off products. I would never have guessed that CVS was backed by the Chinese rip-off artists who surely spawned these products. There were plenty of units too, enough for any amount of customers that wanted to walk in and get the Wii experience for $39.99.

Of course, there isn't much other than the sports games that come with the unit, and who can say how well the "wands" work? Nevertheless, the knock-offs stretch for all the gimicks.

Next to the units on the shelf were the sports attachments for Wii-remotes. The packaging didn't say if they would also attach to the Zone 40.

What does the 40 refer to? Apparently the knock-off unit comes with 40 games built right in! I can't imagine those 40 games are anything more than extremely simple minigames.

Below the Zone 40 was the xtreme fit system. Notice the coloring on the box? Notice the yoga-posing? What about the tag-line? "Fitness made fun!" I bet.

How do these things happen? Nintendo is one of the hardest driving corporations when it comes to battling piracy, but these products were being sold for legal tender in a store in southern California! I admit, when we were in China Town in December, I looked around shops wondering where all the R4s were. How dare I submit to such stupid stereotypes! CVS are the real black-market importers. When will they start carrying the iPhone and PSP knockoffs to go with these atrocities.

Honestly, I just couldn't believe it. They're such terrible derivatives, and shameful too. Won't someone send a letter to Reggie so he can start kicking some asses, might as well throw Walgreens under the bus too while you're at it.


  1. Haha, I also saw one of these at my local CVS store! It had the Zone console, a few peripherals, and right underneath it it had the Wii version of Guitar hero! I hope nobody bought it, and expected it to work w/ the Zone!

  2. @ Anonymous:
    That's partly why I think Nintendo would be upset about these knockoff products. The confusion it would obviously lead to would harm Nintendo sales....