Saturday, January 16, 2010

Maisonette 9 and the Ugly Digital Woman

Jenna and I have been slowly playing more and more of The Ballad of Gay Tony, and everytime we start, we head to Maisonette 9 for the dance floor minigame. If you have ever been in Maisonette 9 or seen the dancing minigame on YouTube, you'll know that your consistent dance partner seems to be in serious need of an exorcism, and fast.

That being said, I think I'm actually getting steadily worse at the minigame itself. There's an achievement for dancing at each club perfectly, but without the directions laid out in front of me, I don't think I'll ever get the moves right.

Maybe there's some connection between my virtual dancing abilities and my real-world dancing abilities. As Jenna can attest, I'm totally inept at busting moves, and as such, Luis Lopez seems to lack his smooth abilities as well.

After failing the dance, I set out for the bar and had two shots, then headed up stairs. My first attempt at the champagne drinking game found me waking up in the trash in Star Junction. This fueled an angry killing spree against the cops and a fast getaway.

While some of GTA's mission design flaws (take me here, there, kill these people, escape, lather, rinse, repeat) might be wearing thing, I always find myself marveling at the stories a quick play session can generate.

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