Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mass Effect 2 or Bioshock 2?

I have two games that I haven't finished, and both of them having sequels releasing in the next month. This is quite the dilemma.

I've had Bioshock since its release, originally on PC, and later on Xbox 360. Owning two copies of the game doesn't really guarantee that I ever finished it though. Maybe it was the prospect of starting it a second time (or third or fourth if you count my playthroughs of the original demo), that never really got me through. Something about the combat or the way I'm constantly running out of ammo, or the scare tactics just turned me off from the game. I was definitely in to the plot, and I know I wanted to keep playing to see what happened, but it was just taking so long to get through. I'd get lost, or run out of money, ammo, or health (or all three at the same time), and get frustrated. Then of course, something else came out and I stopped playing Bioshock. With the sequel on its way, and my having already played through a healthy chunk of the opening act, my interest is piqued, but there's a challenger on the horizon.

Mass Effect found its way into my hands, specifically because of its impending sequel. I had never played the original, but after seeing a demo presentation of Mass Effect 2, my interest skyrocketed. When I had some walking around money at Gamestop, I picked up a used copy of the first ME and have since made my way through the first two planets. Of course, having to back track due to failures and not saving or the game freezing on me has certainly made it difficult to pick back up and finish. With Mass Effect 2's release on the very near horizon, I'm wondering if I want to pick up the original and get through it to enjoy the next installment. Of course, it hasn't helped that I've been spending a lot of time on MW2's multiplayer in an effort to get to level 70, or that I've also got The Ballad of Gay Tony and Bayonetta to play through.

So what'll it be? While I'm in southern California, and before school starts up again, I'm determined to beat one of the originals to 2010's anticipated sequels. If you're reading PLAY READ WRITE today, let me know what you think and drop a line in the comments.


  1. mass effect is an awesome game but somehow i always felt a lot more connected to rapture.if ur looking for more playing time then go for mass effect 2 .i personally would always pick bioshock over ME
    tip:you can turn on the hint tab if u get lost in bioshock.it will guide you to the exact location

  2. Mass effect is definitly better than bioshock gameplay, rpg and time wise. I recently bought it and have clocked up 25 hours of gameplay, and I'm not even half-way through. The gameplay is a lot better, and much more immersive, it doesnt force the roleplaying on, rather its more of a loot and stat system, providing the player with more power against their enemies. However bioshock provides more action, intensity and a better story line. The problem is that action and intensity comes at a price, for every action packed intense momment, the game grows shorter. The games full of them, however these are short, and thus its short. I finished it quickly and much prefer mass effect.

  3. Thanks John and KJ for your input. While I've picked up Mass Effect, I think I'll go ahead and play through Bioshock (the first), and then pick up Bioshock 2 after that.