Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I let Alenko die...

I've been trying my best to continue through Mass Effect (the first), especially as Mass Effect 2 is being received so very well, and my connection to my party has been made deeply. I labored long over whether I should head to aid Liutenant Alenko on Virmire or handle the situation at the bomb site.

Of course, in the end, I decided to make the trek backwards and check on the nuke set to blow Saren's Krogan army back to hell. I had fit Kaidan into my party throughout the entire game, but I didn't know I'd be forced to finish with Rex instead. I guess I'm more concerned with whether or not I'll still get the achievement for using Alenko through my first playthrough.

Honestly, I just chose Alenko because he was one of the first party members I encountered. I know that's boring, but whatever, I'm going to play through again with different party memebers for different achievements, but even so, I hated leaving someone behind. Is my connection to Alenko and my feeling of loss directly connected to my experiences with the character over the course of the plot or my experience as the hero, Shephard? Do I really care about Alenko or do I care about my record as the commander?

I'd have to say it's more about me than him. Kaidan was a good fighter, but I did feel like I did a little too much hand holding and I think I miss the equipment Alenko died wearing more than I miss his skills as a fighter. It didn't help Alenko that his stories were boring and his voice actor was just kind of bland.

I'm on my way through to the end though. Ilos looms in the distance, and the events on Virmire only make me wonder if I'll be losing another team mate soon.


  1. are you kidding?? voice actor bland?? he's one of the best. you want to know a bad voice actor..male shepard. altho he did improve slightly in ME2.

  2. You don't get stuck with Wrex. It's either Kaidan or Ashley. Also, I'm pretty sure that everything he died wearing or using is in your inventory. It's not like you really need any of it again because if you replay using that same Shepard, you get all of it back and there's also a back-log of everything you've traded with vendors in the buy back from the previous game...not sure if that's true of playing with the same Shep for 3 or more games. Could be.

  3. Kaidan is one of the best characters in the game. One of the deepest with one of the best back stories. Ash is good too, but really only if you play a little more Renegade. Kaidan is good either way. And I have to really disagree with you about the voice. Raphael Sbarge is fabulous. I've bought games just because he voiced characters. You know who sucks? Male Shep. I did one play through as him and never did again. He has no inflections, no emotion and sometimes even pronounces words wrongs. Jennifer Hale is the only way to play. FemShep forever!