Sunday, January 17, 2010

Heading South

While I guess it would be hard for my blog to go on hiatus when I haven't exactly had the most rigorous posting schedule this month, PLAY READ WRITE is going to head south again, this time for my girlfriend Jenna's birthday.

Just because the entire editorial staff here at PLAY READ WRITE is leaving it's home base, doesn't mean I won't still be playing games. If anything, disconnecting my console from the internet will encourage me to make further efforts in single player affairs, like Mass Effect, Bayonetta, The Ballad of Gay Tony, Fallout 3, and Bioshock. I'll also do my best to update and post, even if I'm doing so in poorly formatted fashion from my iPhone.

That being said, PLAY READ WRITE is going to try to lure some new writing in, hopefully fishing extra reviews, news, impressions, and op-ed pieces from the further reaches of my phone book. With a lofty goal of 300 posts this year, and less time to do it, considering school, internship, part time job, and actual enjoyable gaming time, I think I might need an extra pair of hands or two clacking away at a keyboard.

If you're interested in writing even a one off piece for PLAY READ WRITE, please comment on this post with some contact information or send along a note to

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