Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcome to 2010

Welcome to 2010. You might be wondering... hasn't it been 2010 for couple of days now? Yes, it has, but I've been missing. Of course, I managed to make it to 300 posts by the end of last year, but I'm already off to a slow start at the beginning of this year. I'm hoping to make it up over the course of the next 360 days. What's been keeping me away from PLAY READ WRITE lately?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2-- The "shooter to end all shooters" and the successor to [Blank] of [Blank] 4 continues to drag my attention away from... well, pretty much everything else. I never even unlocked the P90 in the first iteration of Modern Warfare, but it seems like I'll actually reach level 70 in MW2. Whether or not I'll enter prestige mode is being left up to fate. I'll have some further thoughts on the multiplayer giant of 2009 later in the week.

Mass Effect-- I bought a used copy of Mass Effect from Gamestop after getting a second copy of Assassin's Creed II (this seems familiar, didn't I write this only a handful of posts ago?), and have since been traversing space to investigate the Geth and Saren. Unfortunately, I seem to have gotten into a rhythm of not saving and having to repeat entire sections of the game. With all of those setbacks, I've only gotten myself through Feros and Noveria, and am now on my way to find Liara T'soni. Good luck to my space crew and to my save files (please no more lost checkpoints!).

Castle Crashers-- Having my brother around before New Years meant that we were going to play some games together. Using some of my Microsoft Points, I snagged Castle Crashers while it was on sale during the Deal of the Day-athon Xbox Live was running. Matthew and I probably spent a good 4 hours playing through the arcade beat-em-up, reminding us of so many quarters thrown into the Simpsons Arcade machine at our local pizza joint years ago.

An unopened copy of Bayonetta-- I haven't even broken the seal, but I can already guess that I'm going to be drawn away from writing a little by what's shaping up to be, in the words of Mintycrys "the best action game I've ever played."

What are you playing as your forge your way into the new year? If you're out there, let the rest of PLAY READ WRITE's readers know in the comments.

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