Sunday, January 10, 2010

MW2 and Whining has a list up entitled "10 Facts I've Learned About Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer," and (jeez, I swear, this'll be the last MW2-related post for at least a week) having played my fair share of MW2 multiplayer recently, I feel qualified enough to comment on the list.

Some items on the list are kind of no-brainers, starting of course with akimbo-shotgun "douchebags." I can't pretend I don't know what author Paul Tassi is talking about, but the same i
s true of every online game you might possibly pick up and play. Who doesn't get frustrated with the Halo 3 player who camps in the caves in Valhalla? Of course, akimbo shotguns are the kind of thing you just need to quit complaining about, shoot from a distance, and pick them up yourself so you can play around with the dualies that remind me of Timesplitters 2.

Complaining about Tactical Nukes, Akimbo shotties, and people who choose to stay at Level 70 instead of prestige just seems so passe. Those things are going to plague a game as widely as MW2. Staying at Level 70 is just a choice between what you want to do with your multiplayer experience and further plays into the amount of balancing that needs to be made. If there is disparities between the levels of players in the game, it's a matter of death streaks versus kill streaks. Really Paul, what's the difference between someone who just got to 70 and someone who's stayed there since reaching the top? It's just something for you to rag on them for right?

I have to agree with the fact that Scrambler is essentially an alert system for the enemy and that there are too many ways to reference yourself to weed in callsigns and titles. Ultimately, with the weed titles, Infinity Ward was playing into the audience they already knew they had captured with the first Modern Warfare. As a gamer and games journalist, I guess I can't really fault them for that design decision, but as a human being, I'm just fucking annoyed.

Ultimately, this list ends up falling flat, throwing itself belly down on the mountain of available MW2-interested readers out there in internet land. Hope to see you online Paul, where I'll immediately start shelling you with my Danger Close-equipped grenade launcher.

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