Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Capcom knows cross-overs

I'm not saying I totally understand why Marcus Fenix will be making a debut in Lost Planet 2... but I am saying that Capcom have the video-game cross over market dominated. From the 2D fighting-VS series, to this latest dimension bridging gap, Capcom knows how to reel in an audience.

Maybe they're worried about Lost Planet 2's performance on Microsoft's console, or maybe it's as plain as the developers having admiration for the Gears series (as stated), but it's probably going to move some extra units. Please God, just don't let Gamestop get ahold of this and require a preorder for it.

I suppose I get all of the business decisions that have been swirling madly about the industry of late, but preorder-exclusives are the worst. Why do I have to buy from a specific retailer just to get some exclusive armor that doesn't even work once the game is launched? I hope that most developers eventually decided to side with Assassin's Creed II's way of doing exclusive DLC and make it available to all players eventually.

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