Tuesday, April 21, 2009

McElroy speaks

So after setting out to talk to a couple of game journos before the semester was over, I worked at it, maybe not as diligently as I could have, but I reached out to three separate industry journalists. The first was kind of a swing and a miss, and the second was really friendly and pointed me to a couple of good articles.

Well the third is going to be answer questions for me sometime in the next week. Justin McElroy of Joystiq has agreed to talk to me briefly and I'm really excited to hear what he has to say. But what should I ask?

Anyways, I finagled my way into Justin's heart by flagging him (and Christ Grant) down after the Game Developers Choice Awards. Look, here's proof! I'm not lying really...

I took the opportunity to get a picture when I saw the pair walking out of the awards ceremony. I even got to listen in on the development of a Joystiq feature (I guess they might call it). [Photo by Jenna Jue].

Anyways, what should I ask Justin?

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