Monday, April 20, 2009

New Fallout iteration set in Vegas

Reading about the announcement of a new Fallout title has me itching to get back to Fallout 3. Why haven't I gotten through more of it already?

To be honest, it requires too much time in one sitting. I can pick up something like Street Fighter IV or Prince of Persia and play for half an hour before being able to put the controller back down again. I can't seem to get personally involved with Fallout 3 because it needs a bit more immersion on my side of things.

Every time I have to put the controller back down I grow more reluctant to grow attached to my character or what I'm doing in the game world. My dad ran away from me? Well I haven't seen him since the opening sequence and its been quite a few months since that. Who cares where he is? I don't, I'm not involved enough to care.

Anyways, the new Fallout iteration sounds interesting, reportedly taking place in Vegas (I don't think we'll be seeing any greenery for a while...). You can read more about Fallout New Vegas at Kotaku or your choice of video game news sites. Maybe this will encourage me to dedicate a little more time to Fallout 3... maybe.

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