Wednesday, April 15, 2009

On Bioshock

I'm playing through Bioshock in order to get excited about Bioshock 2. How I managed to buy the game on both PC and Xbox 360 is beyond me. How can I offload the PC version to someone else?

Anyways, I'm not far yet, I'm in the Medical Pavilion at the beginning of the game, and I'm rediscovering the reasoning behind my not completing the game in the first place. These Vita-Chambers are really a hindrance versus a help. I can appreciate that getting right back into the thick of the action is something 2K Boston wanted, but I'm continuously running low on ammo and EVE. How can I continue fighting all these splicers when they constantly seem to outnumber, surprise, annoy, and overtake me all within a matter of seconds. [Photo Source]

I flipped the power switch and suddenly countless enemies sprung out of no where, from in front and behind. I had to let my security bot friend take care of most of them and camp the door into the chamber I was trapped in.

I don't necessarily want the game to be easier or the enemies to die faster. I just want to have enough ammo, and I want to be able to handle these enemies without breaking the game's A.I.

I'll keep playing though, I always liked the style and fidelity of the game. Big Daddies are some of my favorite enemy encounters in all of games. I love sinking bullets and lighting bolts, freezing and incinerating, the hulking forms. Bioshock will have to be balanced somewhere between Prince of Persia and SF IV.

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