Monday, April 13, 2009

An SF IV fight club in my garage

On Saturday, I did plenty of gaming, including rediscovering some hidden talent in Rock Band drumming. We played quite a bit of Rock Band over the weekend. Playing some of the new songs I downloaded. Unfortunately, there was a problem with one song in particular that Jenna (pictured: determined to master the Hard difficulty of drumming) and I were looking forward to playing, but hopefully that issue will be hammered out in the next week.

One thing I'm wondering is how bothersome Rock Band is to neighbors in an apartment building. Is the pedal going to be thumping into the floor too much? How about those loud clacks the drum heads give off? I'm finding myself looking into drum muffling accessories all over again.

At some point over the weekend, some friends showed up and a small fight club started up on SF IV. The controllers were passed around and some big finishes and tight matches broke out.

Balrog was a favorite and he seemed to dominate. He seems so easy to play, there isn't a lot to his punches, and specials are almost all executable coming out of a crouched block. At the Gamestop tournament, it seemed that there were a lot of Balrogs vying for the top spot.

What makes that character so popular? I can't really get my head (or my thumbs) around the specials that require you to charge a direction first. I think I just prefer some of the easier characters to play (Ryu, Fei Long) and the more difficult characters tend to give me fits (Guile, I'm looking at you.

One of my friends who played a few rounds on Saturday night bought the game today, so it looks like I might have another sparring partner, although Jenna has been a magnificent sport about playing a few rounds with me every other day.

That same friend let me borrow his copy of Prince of Persia and I made it through the tutorial part of the game on Sunday, so I'm looking to intersperse my time between SF IV and PoP.

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