Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another reason to buy a PS3

Previews of Sony's God of War III are now pouring in more and more frequently. The latest (at least that I've read), is up over at Kotaku right now. McWhertor played through to the first boss and provided several details as to why one would want to pick up the game, not that details are really needed for many gamers out there today.

I usually try to turn my head away from PS3 games for fear that I'll get a little too wanting. I don't have a PS3 myself, but with the console on a 10-year life cycle, it seems like I'll have plenty of time to eventually sit the console next to my 360.

God of War III is quickly becoming a title I can't ignore, much like Naughty Dog's Uncharted 2. I can't even really tell what's going on in this screen shot, but in motion the game looked amazing at E3. I guess I'm really interested in seeing what the gameplay looks like flipped around and swung on the limbs of a titan.

From what I can tell, God of War III is going to be "the" action game to play when it lands, but with console exclusives being... well, exclusive to one system or the other, it'll be difficult to play GoW III without a PS3.

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