Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I've Got This Blur Beta Invite

Blur Beta invites went out yesterday, and I received mine in my inbox. Yes, somewhere in that picture is a code for redemption of the Blur Beta download on Xbox Live.

I went ahead and entered the code, but I've yet to spend any time in the beta. Call me wary, but the last beta I went into I had extremely high hopes for, and ended up very disappointed. Of course, Blur happens to be the opposite. I have no expectations, I have no interest in the game, but I never really let go of an opportunity to write impressions of a game early, specifically for PLAY READ WRITE.

Is there anyone out there reading PLAY READ WRITE who has specific questions about Blur and the overall multiplayer experience the racing game presents? I'd love to come back with specific answers.

If not, I'll still post some general impressions about the gameplay and let readers know what I think about the game. At E3 last year, there was a lot of talk about Blur, but I never got any hands on time with the game. Instead, I managed to play a little bit of Split/Second which I'm still fairly interested in.

Anyways, I'll report back with details as soon as I have some to write up.

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