Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blur Beta Invite Codes from PLAY READ WRITE

I've gotten three (3) Blur Beta Invite codes to share, and of course I'm going to use them in order to up my readership here at PLAY READ WRITE!

If you'd like an invite to the Blur Multiplayer Beta on Xbox Live, all you have to do is a) send me a friend request and b) send me a message asking for a beta invite. If you're already my friend on Live, just send me a message asking me for the beta invite. I'll send you a beta code, which also comes with a free 48 hour Live code, so Silver members can message me as well.

Pretty easy right? I've got three, and they'll go to the three people I receive FRs and messages from first, so long as you aren't the scum that usually plagues my Live account with offers of 10th prestige lobbies and the like.

Remember, my gamertag is coolyfooly88. Comment on this post if you'd like to discuss the Blur Beta or to say thanks to PLAY READ WRITE, or to just brag to others that you've already gotten a code from me. Hopefully, we can play a little bit of the beta together.

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