Thursday, July 16, 2009

1 vs 100 will be free to Silver Live players this weekend

Microsoft sent along a press release letting us know that Silver members of Xbox live will be allowed in to 1 vs 100 play this weekend. Maybe those Silver players who haven't joined the Gold ranks of Xbox Live will be enticed by the community game show. I've only played around with 1 vs 100 during the extended play sections. Its hard to make sure I sit down and play during the live show, but I'm always interested in trying it out. Maybe I'll hop on tonight or later this weekend.

The extended play is fun, but ultimately there's only a competitive aspect and little else. The questions are easy, and if you don't know the exact answer, an well-educated guess will usually net the correct answer.

I've always thought that the ramifications of 1 vs 100 as a primtime program are much bigger than the game itself. Having programming on a video game console certainly positions it to become the center of a family's household, and in many ways that's what Microsoft set out to do with their Xbox machine. I think slowly over time the PC and the Xbox will look more and more like eachtoher, especially with the small revisions that are sure to start with Project Natal and beyond.

Anyways, get out there and play some 1 vs 100 Silver users!

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