Thursday, July 9, 2009

Quick Battlefield 1943 Impressions

Earlier today I finally got around to entering my code for my E3 copy of Battlefield 1943. I launched the game and found that it was marred with issues. Before noon, I could barely find myself an open slot in a match, and when I did find that slot, my game was extremely laggy and buddy. When driving one of the game's jeeps, it would bounce around as if ricocheting off of rubber walls. Everything seemed topsy turvy. This was due to the many issues players had been suffering for the past 24 hours. After reading about EA addressing the issue and adding more servers all day long, I decided to walk away and take care of some work.

When I finally returned everything seemed perfectly fine. I got a spot and started to dominate the other team. Capturing points on the map worked fine, there was no lag when shooting the other players, and it was fun racking up points. The only problem was that I couldn't join my friend's game. I waited patiently and joined together in a squad with my friend. We started a match together and everything worked out alright, but it was still frustrating not being able to join his match right away. I'm guessing that'll be fixed as the server load is matched to the player load over the next week.

I'm excited to play more and I'll have the official PLAY READ WRITE REVIEW up soon.

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