Monday, July 13, 2009

PS3 Slim Video Drops in to Back Up the Rumor

I don't know how badly video game companies can keep secrets anymore, but Sony is doing a good job of raising the bar here with their redesign of the PS3. Judging from the video I think they've made a good decision in making it more like a set top box that will fit along with your surround sound system and the like.

Much of the video game community feeds on rumor and speculation like this (at least those that aren't drooling over new Madden '10 screens), so it makes sense that this slow trickle would keep the people biting at the possibility of a sleek new design for the struggling PS3. If I were still working at Best Buy though I'd have no qualms about telling people looking at buying a PS3 to wait it out and see what was coming down the line. Who knows, maybe it'll never come out. PR people love to deny things until they're white faced and falling over, but when will Sony let them off the hook?

Another question I have is when this business of design and redesign will end? It starts with 15% changes to each new iteration of the Nintendo DS, then the removal of a drive from the PSP, now the PS3 will look like a regular old Blu-ray player but still be able to play games.

In a way its a very smart business plan, what with techies and people with disposable income snatching video game machines and media players up like the last one they had doesn't work anymore. But despite this, I kind of miss completely new console and handheld iterations. When the DS and PSP originally debuted it was the kind of thing you could drool over endlessly, but now, the DSi is only barely maintaining its place at the back of my conciousness, and I shrug over the PSP-Go, wondering if I'll ever invest Sony's handheld.

Hopefully we'll see something a bit more official from the PS3 slim, but until now we can only ponder and wait to see what's coming in the next few months.

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