Sunday, July 12, 2009


It was a busy weekend of Bruno, hanging out with Jenna and Ryan, and playing Battlefield 1943 with Zach, but its not over yet.  These past few weeks have been extremely slow in gaming news, and FURTHER READING has been feeling it.  Honestly it was nice taking a vacation from looking at nothing happening on the industry news front.  That doesn't mean there hasn't been quite a few interesting tid bits though, and so FURTHER READING will soldier on.  Each weekday you can point your browser here for FURTHER READING and the usual posts, but there will only be one FURTHER READING over the weekend.  This doesn't mean that there won't be other posts, reviews, and musings each Saturday and Sunday, but FURTHER READING will post each Sunday night from now on.  Also, if you're stumbling upon this blog and you have a site that you're looking for writers on, please drop me any line as I'd love to be given regular assignments and to contribute to other places on the web which might net me new readers.  Here's what piqued my interest this weekend:

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